A List of Simple, But Important Things To Do In the First Trimester

I know, you’re tired… okay, exhausted, but you’ll be happy you did these 5 things.

You’re sick, tired and just feel all-round bleh. We get it, we’ve all been there. These 5 things will be something that don’t take too much time and you will be thankful that you did them, trust us!

Keep a Pregnancy Journal

You can buy a simple journal, or you can buy journal specifically for pregnancy. My mom bought me a Pregnacy and First Year journal where I can log all my feelings, cravings, sonogram images, etc., each week. You can buy a simple journal anywhere from Walmart to Michael’s or a book store. As to where to buy a pregnancy journal, you can either buy one online (Hello, Amazon), Etsy or at a book store like Chapters.

The first few months will may have a lot of “I feel like crap”, “I won’t stop puking”, or “when will this end?”, but a lot of the books out there will have prompts and questions so that you just have to fill in the answers. It’s a great way to keep track of how you were feeling, what foods you loved or hated, when you had big ultrasounds, the first feeling of a kick and more.

Decide on How, or if, You Will Announce This Pregnancy

It’s all about social media these days. So deciding on an announcement is a pretty big deal. Are you going to tell just your immediate family first? Will everyone find out the same day with an email blast or social media post? Talk with your partner and decide what you both think is the best idea for you, there is no right or wrong way of announcing (or not announcing) a pregnacy.

Have fun, this is a big announcement!

Talk About The Nursery

Are you waiting to find out if the little peanut is a girl or boy to know whether you’re going to paint the walls pink or blue? Or are you like my hubby and I who wanted a gender neutral nursery that is serene, but fun? Either way, you can start planning it now, especially if you’re planning on a gender neutral option.

We bought paint, a crib, changing table and car seat all in the first trimester. Now, we just need to paint the walls, set up the crib and find some nice artwork as an accent for the walls. Doing this early will prevent you from having a third trimester melt-down, especially if you like everything to be organized (like I do).

Think About Names, Start A List

My Hubby and I had our first names (one boy name and one girl name) picked out months or maybe even years before we got pregnant. But, I realize not everyone is like us. Since you probably don’t know the sex of the baby yet, start to talk to your partner about potential names. Which ones you both love or both hate. Make a list and then start using the names and use the names like you will be in the next decades. For example:

Insert name here, dinner is ready”

“Have you done your homework, Insert name here?”

“Insert name here, this is your last warning!”

You also want to make sure it doesn’t sound or rhyme with something that they will get bullied for, “Stu smells like poo-ooo”. Kids can be mean so avoid any names that can be made fun of. And of course make sure it sounds nice with the chosen last name(s) as well!

Start Taking Belly Pics at 10 Weeks (or Earlier)

This is something I regret not doing. I have only taken one bump pic since I found out I was pregnant, at 20 weeks, I haven’t taken another one yet (now at 22 weeks). Posing alone for the photo makes me feel uncomfortable, even though it’s just my huband behind the camera. I really need to start taking weekly photos though, because I am going to regret it!

So, don’t be like me, start taking photos now and continue every week!


• • • • •