The First Weeks of Pregnancy

Anxiety, stress, questioning everything. This is the TWW.

Since this wasn’t my first pregnancy (I had an early miscarriage–only 7 weeks along– in June of the same year), I was somewhat aware of what I was supposed to expect the week before AF was supposed to show up.

The things with TTC after a miscarriage are:
• you really want to get pregnant again
• starting to over-analyze everything
• your body is evil and plays tricks on you

This means that I thought I was pregnant again at the end of August. I had the same symptoms I did in May. My BGs were on the low side (normally the week before AF they’re hard to control and on the high side). My boobs were super sore and I wasn’t bloated like I normally am and my AF was a day late.

This time, I held off taking a test, because my hubby was playing a softball tournament and I just didn’t have time to get away and buy one. Turns out that was good, because later that same night, AF showed her ugly face.

At that point I was extremely discouraged. We got pregnant right away, the first time. My body didn’t have time to play any awful tricks on me.

4 Months after our Miscarriage

4 months after our miscarriage, I just knew I was pregnant again. Even though I was only about week 3 of my cycle, but I just knew. A few things happened:

  1. My boobs were so sore, not regular AF sore, they hurt a lot
  2. I wasn’t getting any cramps or bloating like I normally would
  3. My blood sugars were abnormally low – no amount of juice would increase my BG above 6.0 (this was the main symptom)
  4. This one may sound weird, especially coming out of my mouth–someone who isn’t very religious at all– but, I saw a sign. On the morning AF was supposed to come there was a very distinct rainbow in the sky. Below the rainbow, the cloud formation looked exactly the way my first ultrasound did with the twins (which I had miscarried).
    Now, some of you may be scratching your head thinking “Ummm, okay… not sure I’m catching on.”
    Here’s the thing, a baby after a miscarriage is called a rainbow baby, which is why that rainbow really caught my eye, the rainbow was over the weird cloud formation, so to me this was a sign that my rainbow baby was on its way.

I was so sure that I was pregnant again, that I told my hubby. He wasn’t convinced (or maybe he just didn’t want to get his hopes up). He told me to just wait until next week and could take a test. Fair enough.


One week, that’s it, no big deal

Right, no big deal. I became obsessed that week. Spending my days looking at every blog I could find reading about Type 1 diabetics and pregnancy. Was there really a way to know you are pregnant before you can actually know you’re pregnant??? Some people said that they too knew before they could get concrete proof, other’s said that there is no way of knowing.

Here’s the thing, no body can tell you that what your feeling is what you think, because everyone is made differently.

Truth is, after all that “research” I did the previous week, I decided to take a pregnancy test 5 days early. Reading about women who got their BFP at only 3 weeks pregnant, I thought, why not. The test came back with an extremely faint positive. So faint, in fact, my hubby thought I was crazy. He couldn’t see anything.

Two days later, on the Monday, I re-took the test. It was still faint, but this time we could both see the second line– Hubby still wasn’t convinced!

Disclaimer: The first time I got pregnant, the lines were extremely dark, so I guess I understood where he was coming from.

Finally, on Wednesday, the test was even darker than Monday and then the following Monday the lines were both very dark and there was no denying the fact that we were pregnant again!

• • • • •