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Marginal Placental Cord Insertion

When a doctor tells you that your placenta is like dinner plate with asparagus falling off the side…What is it and what does it mean? Basically the umbilical cord normally comes from the center of the placenta, but when you have Marginal Placental Cord Insertion...

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Things to do in the First Trimester

I know, you're tired… okay, exhausted, but you'll be happy you did these 5 things. You're sick, tired and just feel all-round bleh. We get it, we've all been there. These 5 things will be something that don't take too much time and you will be thankful that you did...

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Dealing with “Morning” Sickness

And about half of those women actually experience full on puking… but it means the baby is healthy, right…All I wished for this pregnancy was a healthy baby. I didn't care what that meant, I wanted to experience morning sickness and exhaustion like "everyone else"....

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Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Now comes doubt, fear, anxiety and the feeling that everything is out of your hands. Welcome to pregnancy after loss. Getting that positive is supposed to be the most exciting news. Tears of joy, happy laughter and dreaming of the months ahead. Maybe this is how it is...

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High Risk Pregnancy

Appointements, tests and so much more. What it means to have High Risk Pregnancy in the first trimester.My Endocrinologist warned me from about 25 years old that I can definitely have a healthy pregnancy, but I would be considered high risk. No matter how great my BG...

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The Dreaded TWW

Anxiety, stress, questioning everything. This is the TWW.Since this wasn't my first pregnancy (I had an early miscarriage–only 7 weeks along– in June of the same year), I was somewhat aware of what I was supposed to expect the week before AF was supposed to show up....

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